Custom CBD & Hemp Packaging

Cannapack will help you find a custom solution to package your CBD products. Whether it be CBD gummies, CBD tincture, CBD vape, CBD oil or other, we will help create unique and cost effective solutions to promote your brand. 

Additionally, we encourage our customers to do research and be wary of the requirements by the location of the retailer selling your products due to various restrictions on what can and cannot be on your product labels and packaging.

Packaging can differ in structural purpose and design depending on which area of focus your CBD product is meant for. The benefits of CBD range from pain management, to immune health, to beauty and more. We are well versed in helping fine tune what works best for a company’s product line and brand image to increase their competitive edge.

Check out Some examples of brand designs for different looks and packaging styles to connect with the end user below.

Coastal CBD

Coastal CBD Skincare has a quality line of beauty CBD products such as a Hydrating Facial Toner and a Transforming Night Cream to brighten your skin and bring youthful complexion. The 13 different products within the line are packaged in multiple sizes and variations of Soft Touch chipboard box styles, giving a velvety feel. We also printed a colored Cold Foil on the logo, on the bottom area of the box with an accent line and on the top of the box where the tagline is displayed for a metallic look. On top of the Cold Foil is a Spot UV finish to add extra shine and dimension. The boxes are printed inside in color also, increasing the enjoyment of the opening box experience.



Healthnetics’ CBD Balm and Drops vary in potency and natural ingredients, excluding THC altogether. We packaged their products in form fitting Soft Touch, Same-Tuck-End chipboard box styles to create a smooth front and silky feel. The different flavors are well represented by the packaging colors both inside and out, for example the Orange color for Mango flavor and Mint color for Menthol infused CBD Balm. Also, the labels were designed to match. A unique addition to the packaging is the QR code to show you the lab results for the product! A very simple addition yet very attractive to a well aware customer who cares.


Bien femme

Bien Femme creates beauty products that ease the daily stresses on our overworked bodies and minds. Their products use only pure CBD and all-natural ingredients. This tincture packaging has a very sleek look with complete gradients of luminous colors on the Same-Tuck-End box style, Hot Foil Stamp logo on the front, and minimal content overall. Simplicity at its finest.


CBD Unlimited

CBD Unlimited from CBD oils, topicals, and pet products, offers a wide range of formulations to choose from. CBD unlimited was looking for a design that displays a bold but pharmaceutical look to it while also adding some flash. To make this happen, we decided to produce these individual boxes in chipboard material with a Matte base and Hot Stamp Foil plus Spot UV finish.



CannaCeuticals’ Luxury Skin Care line called CBD 7 includes multiple products which are wrapped with Matte labels to showcase a professional look and soft feel. We packaged each individual product in Matte chipboard boxes sized to fit and also built a custom display in printed corrugated material for the full kit presentation.


Palm CBD

Palm CBD came to Peek Packaging in their beginning stages of development with multiple flavors of CBD vaporizers wanting to showcase their good vibes, and cool brand. They provided this coastal artwork to represent their multiple flavors and we recommended a Spot UV to add some pop and shine. Something unique on these boxes is the artwork showing the company’s social handles to promote brand awareness. Lastly, we designed an accordion fold insert to hold the cartridge in place at all times.

Unfamiliar with CBD? 

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants which does not have psychoactive effects that makes the user “high”, as THC does. CBD assists the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to send signals and activate it’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. This means when an imbalance is found in your body, the CBD will work to get those areas of your nervous system, connecting tissues, glands, and organs back to a healthy condition.