Frequently Asked Questions


What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimums depend on the type of packaging due to the different types of machinery needed to create the packaging.

Chipboard Boxes: 5,000 units total. This can be split up between several different boxes or several versions of artwork. Example run would be 5,167 units with 1,667 indica, 1667 sativa, and 1666 hybrid boxes with 167 counter top displays to hold 30 product boxes.

Bags: Minimum quantities fluctuate based on bag size and material specs. Typical minimums are 10,000 units per version of artwork. Minimums can get as low as 5,000 and as high as 25,000.

Labels: As low as a couple thousand total with the purchase of other packaging. If you are just looking for labels, the minimums are going to be over 10,000 units depending on the size.

Corrugated Boxes: Minimums are much more flexible as the process to manufacture corrugated boxes is much more simple. You want to be at a couple thousand units to get a decent price.

Rigid Set Up Boxes: There is no real minimum for these boxes since they are hand made. It is recommended to be at a couple thousand units for a decent price.


How much will the packaging cost?

Almost everything we do is custom so we have no set pricing. There is a significant amount of information we need, like packaging type, size, printing, finishes, number of versions, etc., to be able to generate a price. The best we can do is very rough ballparks based on previous jobs.


What are your lead times?

The lead time differs depending on the style of packaging and the type of printing.

Chipboard boxes: 3-4 weeks. 2-2 ½ weeks on a reorder

Corrugated boxes: 2 weeks

Bags: 4 weeks domestic and 8 weeks offshore

Labels: 7-10 business days

Blisters and Clam shells: 3-4 weeks

Rigid Set Up Boxes: Varies depending on production schedule. 2-8 weeks


Can I do custom printing?

Yes, everything we do is custom so you can print almost anything you want onto the box. 4 color process, or CMYK, printing is the most common type of printing we use. Pantone Matching System colors are available as well.


What finishes do you offer?

  • Matte, gloss, and soft touch coatings/laminates

  • Cold foil and hot stamping foil applications

  • Spot UV, Raised UV, and Full UV

  • Embossing and Debossing

  • Litho labels

If there is something you are looking for that you do not see here, just ask!


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are determined when the order is complete. This is because we will not have the final quantities until after manufacturing the boxes as final quantities will be within +/- 10% of your order. Bags have tolerances of +/- 20%.


Do you have design services?

Cannapack, Inc. offers both structural and graphic designers on staff. We do almost all of the structural design for our customers. There is a mix of customers that use us for graphic design and have their own designer. We have the ability to make structural samples as well as fully printed mock ups. Logo design is no longer a part of our services. We come up with design estimates based on the complexity of the project.


What is your typical design process?

Our typical design process starts with you getting your product in our hand. We almost always need the product to be able to design the packaging around. Our designers will create a structure and then we will send you a prototype for approval. After approval, the dieline will be ready to lay artwork on. Printed samples or 3D renderings are created once the artwork is approved.


Do you offer pack out services?

Pack out services are not something we offer. We do not handle any of the products.


Do you offer eco-friendly options?

Our company does offer eco-friendly options; however, what people do not realize is that eco-friendly options are significantly more expensive. Eco-friendly packing is highly requested but rarely purchased because of this. The manufacturing for most of our packaging is FSC certified.



Corrugated Boxes

  • Thick paper material that can hold up to 100 pounds. B,C,E, and double wall available.

  • Minimums are typically 1,000 units plus depending on the size.

  • Lead time is 1-2 weeks.

  • Best suited as a master shipper: Ex. 10 displays into one master shipper.

  • Limited to 2 colors plus the material color.

  • Artwork needs bigger and bolder as the material is more porous and soaks into the material.

  • Material can be brown, white, or a combo of the two.

  • Delivered flat and need to be folded up.

  • Litho label can be applied for full color graphics and finishes.

  • Most common use is for a shipping box.

Chipboard Boxes

  • Thin paper material - 16pt. To 24 pt.

  • Best suited for products under 5 pounds.

  • SBS and Kraft chipboard options available.

  • Lead time 3-4 weeks on first order. 2 weeks on reorders.

  • Minimum of 5,000 units (Can be split up between multiple boxes or artwork versions).

  • Full color, photo quality graphics.

  • A wide variety of finishes available.

  • Delivered flat and need to be folded.

  • Almost every cannabis product can be packaged in chipboard.

Labels/Shrink Bands

  • Most common materials are paper and poly. Ask if you are looking for something different.

  • Lead time is 1 week.

  • Minimums for just labels are around 10,000 units. We are very flexible if there is other packaging included on an order.

  • Full color, photo quality graphics.

  • Digital and flexo printing options.

  • Several coatings available.

  • Most common use is for tincture bottles and topical jars.

Rigid Set Up Box

  • Very thick chipboard, 60 pt. - 120 pt. chipboard, wrapped in a secondary material.

  • Minimums vary depending on the project. Ideally you want to be at a couple thousand to get a reasonable price.

  • Standard lead time of 6-8 weeks. There are instances we can expedite it.

  • The most luxurious and expensive type of packaging.

  • Completely made by hand.

  • Delivered completely assembled.

  • Meant for high end products that are typically around $100+.


  • Flat and Stand Up Pouches.

  • Lead time 4-8 weeks.

  • Minimums range from 5,000-25,000 units depending on the size.

  • Paper and plastic options.

  • Tear resistant options available for child resistance.

  • Features like zippers, tear notches, hang holes, and windows.

  • Full color, photo quality graphics.

  • Several coatings available.

  • Most common uses are for flower and edibles.